Newburgh Multi-Family Residence

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Newburgh Multi-Family Residence

The Leander Brown House, located in the East End Historic District of Newburgh, dates to 1890. The 3-story, 4,000 sq. ft. Queen Anne was vacant and deteriorated from long-term neglect when the current owner bought the house to convert it to a multi-family residence with four units. The interior of the house had been stripped to the studs and brick. The stairs, handrails, balusters and a bird-shaped newel cap were the only remaining original interior details. Working under Nation Park Service guidelines, the exterior was restored to its original appearance by removing paint from the brick facades and brownstone lintels, sills and water tables and the rebuilding of an entry porch modeled on historical photographs. All new electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and sprinkler systems were installed. The layout of the new kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces utilized the remaining historical framing while opening up and modernizing the plan.

Photographs: Ann Stratton